Standing Out & Association

“If modesty has to do with not seeking attention from others, doesn’t wearing something on your head do exactly that? Aren’t you dressing in a way that does the opposite of what you intended?”

There is no denying that wearing a head covering in our depraved, pagan society will set you apart. People will probably stare. People will probably look at you funny. But if you are not wearing the head covering for the sole purpose of getting that and are not trying to appear religious to make yourself look somehow better or more devout than other people, dear sister, God will bless your obedience. You know, it used to be that even the unbelievers of our country dressed modestly, and you couldn’t really tell them from the Christians by looking at them because our society as a whole upheld biblical values. The lifestyles of the unbelievers were really not much different than those of the believers either; they would go to Church, close their businesses on Sundays, and even pray in public. If you were a Christian woman who wanted to dress modestly, you would probably be no different from the unbelieving lady across the street – or everyone else, for that matter. Times certainly have changed, haven’t they? Now it is the Christians who are trying to look like the totally immoral unbelievers rather than the other way around. What are the implications of that? Our morality has been turned upside down. We are sinking further and further down into spiritual blindness.

I am not saying we should go out of our way to be different when there is no need. In what ways we can be like those in our communities without violating these precepts, we should. I am saying that we should not sacrifice our beliefs because we think that it will do something for us. We can see the failed experiment of this as we look around in our Churches today that are stuck in a state of haze and perpetual spiritual infancy. We have given up more and more of the truth in an effort to blend into a wicked world, and it has come back to bite us.

It is not easy to buff the trend or go against the current when we live in a hostile environment. I truly understand this. But it has gotten to the point where we may need to prepare to be different if we are going to be obedient. If you were in some place where the surrounding culture practiced nudism, would you then take off your clothes to be like those people? Of course not. Your inhibitions would tell you right off the bat that you shouldn’t do that. Sure, if you did undress, you might “identify” with them better because you would look like them lost in their paganism, but you would be compromising basic biblical values. And, believe it or not, our culture is really not all that far away from some of these pagan civilizations. Just look at the example of how some woman recently stripped her own daughter naked in front of the gates of Hollywood and the eyes of the multitudes, screaming that she was worth millions. Just look around at how women’s clothing has shrunk until Eve’s apron of fig leaves probably covered more skin than these clothes. The human body is being worshipped today. By wearing proper clothes like a decent, civilized human being, you would be different – but you would also be a light to a dark world. Being different for the sake of the kingdom will repel some people because darkness hates light. People may not understand. But some people may be attracted to the light. Some people may want to know why you are different, what makes you unique among everyone else. Former unbelievers have reported how they saw no reason to want what worldly Christians had when they behaved no different than themselves. Ultimately, we are following biblical teachings because we know that God knows best and obedience yields blessings.

In our day, any Christian who lives a godly life stands out when he does not act like everyone else. A Christian who doesn’t swear will stand out. A Christian who speaks out against sin will stand out. A Christian who deals honestly with others will stand out. A Christian who refuses to turn his children over to the world’s educational system will stand out. A Christian woman that bears a gentle and submissive spirit to her head will stand out among the droves of boisterous feminists clamoring for positions of power and leadership. But if the culture has become so rotten and so wicked that a Christian stands out by doing these things, I say so be it. Let that Christian stand out if he or she is doing what it takes to obey God. Let that Christian be treated with contempt and mocked and ridiculed even by other Christians if what they are doing is in line with biblical teachings. In doing so, we bring glory to God.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

Anyone who tries to be different will almost certainly receive a tremendous amount of ridicule and even persecution from our corrupt society. It will not be an easy road. But we can’t back down or cave in. We have to take heart because we know who has the victory in the end. This world is not our home. We are simply passing through. Let’s keep our mind fixed on that which is above.


“Head coverings are associated with those who preach a false gospel, such as Catholic nuns, Amish, Jews and even Muslims! Isn’t it wrong for Christians to associate themselves with such groups?”

   All false religions are the devil’s perversions of the truth. Unlike God, he is not creative to make something up on his own, so he takes the beautiful, truthful things that God has made and turns them into ugly lies. I believe that the head covering of women is something the devil hates exceedingly. Women who cover their heads out of a pure heart do what he refused to do before God – submit to authority. I believe the devil wants to do everything in his power to mar the head covering and distort it into something loathsome to all so we Christians will not tap into its power that we would receive with his evil angels, as we would have if we did (1 Corinthians 11:10).

Many Christians struggle with the head covering because of the many negative stereotypes that surround it. For the Catholic women, head covering is emblematic of piety and self-righteous religiosity. For the Anabaptist women, it represents man-made rules. For the Jew, it represents real legalism. For the Muslim women, it represents terror. Bible-believing Christians hate all these things, and they should. They are not of God; they are distortions of the Faith. Sadly, the devil has succeeded in associating the head covering in our minds with them – as was his goal. When we understand the true meaning of the head covering, we can understand why the devil has been working overtime to attack it. He does not want us to embrace it because every Christian woman that covers her head deals a death blow to feminism.

Because the head covering is property of the Church given to us for our benefit from God, we should fight to keep it. Ultimately, the head covering belongs to the Lord because He is the one who instituted it in the first place. We are not associating ourselves with them – they are taking what is rightfully ours and twisting it into something insidious. False religions have been trying to claim our territory in many other areas as well, but that does not mean we forsake them. The Bible tells us to

“Prove all things; hold fast to that which is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21)

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