Our Master’s Steady Hand

As we journey through this life
And walk across this darkened land
We should faint along the way
But for our Master’s steady hand
For through the fields and forests green
With the warmth of summer’s day
He leads us singing on the way
He leads us singing on the way

Beside the brooks of waters clean
Beneath the trees whose branches sway
He lets us rest along the way
He lets us rest along the way

And over craggy mountainsides
Along the surest paths He knows
He guides us gently with His staff
Ahead of us He always goes

If one of His should chance to stray
Or stumble over loosened stone
Our Shepherd’s staff is always near
And we are never left alone

And when our journey nears its end
As darkness looms before our eyes
When we should tremble at the thought
That we must walk where death abides

Our Master gives His hand once more
With love so patient and so true
He lends us hope and strength anew
He comforts us and leads us through

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