Refuting a Few Common Feminist Excuses for Rebellion of Christian Women

“Jesus had women disciples who didn’t stay at home, like Mary Magdalene and those who traveled around with Him and followed Him to the cross.”

When Jesus, God Himself manifest in the flesh, came to earth, this was an out of the ordinary situation. These women ministered unto him, serving Jesus personally, during a portion of his stay on earth. They followed Him around and waited on His earthly needs personally. That was a special privilege and an exception to the norm. We do not see a feminine nomadic lifestyle given as a general pattern throughout the Scripture, Old or New Testaments. And exceptions don’t annul the rule, they verify it.

“Women were treated like dogs, property or cattle in the days of Jesus and He went against that.”

If “treated like dogs” it is slanderously referring to the Scriptural teachings concerning women as found in the Bible, that is simply someone’s distorted modernist view of how life was back then, filtered through the lens of cultural feminist brainwashing and not based on any serious Biblical argument.

If God’s will for us as women seems despicable and horrible, should we not accept His divine sentence for our lives if we claim to be believers, regardless of what we personally would prefer it to be? Sometimes we Americans think we deserve so much. Even if His Word did put us as women on par with dogs or cattle or what have you, does that still give us any just cause to rebel against it? We redeemed Christians were all deserving of nothing more than a fiery hell for eternity. So what if it is required of us to be inferior to or even counted as “owned” by others. If that’s really what the Bible teaches, we should accept whatever He sees fit to give. Who are we to accuse our maker, saying, “Why hast thou made me thus?” Our very lives were purchased by the blood of His own Son, the One who was treated far, far worse than what is being asked of us. Why should we demand more than what our own Lord was given? And quick newsflash, mothers treat their children like property. It goes without saying that they are yours. They are people too and God loves them just as much as anyone else. But children even in our evil day have limited rights. “They aren’t capable like women,” you say. It is true they aren’t the same and women are certainly more intelligent and capable than a very young child – never mind the fact that a 12 or 13 year old boy can accomplish quite a lot mentally and physically and yet is still seen as property of his parents, and for good reason. Ability doesn’t mean permissibility. But women are the weaker vessel and are therefore placed under men’s sphere of leadership. If you don’t like that, you have got a feminist heart of rebellion against God’s authority, simple as that, because He made things that way. When you breathe into a man of dust the breath of life and fashion a woman from his rib and place them in a garden you planted in a world you created from nothing, then you can call the shots.

But the funny thing is, a life of godly submission to headship really isn’t as bad as feminists would have us think. There are actually the greatest blessings in following the will of God, blessings the devil wants to keep us back from to prevent us from being fruitful.

However, some making this argument are speaking of whatever supposedly historical laws or customs of that day were imposed on the people then. This is ambiguous and not founded on solid Scriptural truth, but on suppositions of men about what life was like over 2,000 years ago for a people they have no heritage or legacy among. Some of them may well be right, but it isn’t wise to base our interpretation of the Bible on it in the least. All I have to say is they probably had a far more Scriptural view of “women’s rights” then than we do now in our day. They could actually be right in what they did.

“Jesus revealed Himself to women in the Bible sometimes before men, such as the woman at the well or the women who found the empty tomb first and carried the news – they were the first female evangelists.”

Jesus Himself never appointed any woman as His disciple, as he did with the 12. He didn’t give the great commission to any women.

He spoke to them. He taught them. He cast devils out of them and healed them. He allowed them to minister unto Him. He does not love women any less than men. Their souls are no less precious to Him, just as with children. Yes, He gave them instructions to tell the disciples that He was risen from the dead and even let them be the first to discover that truth. Interestingly enough, the disciples didn’t believe the women. They thought their words were idle tales (it wasn’t strictly because they were women that they didn’t believe). He chose to let them carry that message to them (note He didn’t tell them to tell everyone). I think the Lord was rewarding these women for their faithfulness to Him letting them be the first to discover and tell the disciples, not because He was setting any kind of a precedent for all Christian women going forward to run around telling random people that He rose up from the dead. Once the disciples realized the truth, it was men who did the real evangelizing going forward calling men to repentance and showing them from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Christ. You will never find a woman doing either of those things to a man in the Bible, unless it be to her own son.

And to equate this one-time task to being an evangelist is an enormous stretch of the truth. This is going to shock our shallow churchianity generation, but just to tell someone Jesus rose from the dead is not evangelizing. It’s a part of the gospel, but acceptance of that fact alone will not save anyone from eternal damnation.

“Women would have been stoned for committing adultery in Jesus’ day but not men. But Jesus wouldn’t have the woman stoned who was taken in adultery and brought before Him.”

That is simply not true, had the Jews been following the instructions of the Old Testament. Both willing adulterers should have been stoned, according to the Old Testament laws on the matter. That is why Jesus would not have the one woman stoned, because it wasn’t in accordance with the law.

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