The Gift God Shows Us How to Give

Am I to take the weight of shame
Thrust on me by my fellow man?
To drink a cup of darkness though
I be of light, and white as snow
And God loves me as no one can –
My soul made perfect in His name?

Shall I be lashed of tongues or whips
Or shackled by the chains of scorn
To languish here in misery
If I for freedom was made free?
Better I had not been born;
That breath had never passed my lips.

But I am called to take this cross,
My brethren’s burdens all because
The sinless Son of God took mine
And nailed them through His hands divine
Forgiving all, as still He does,
When I fall prey to pain and loss

So on my wounders I’ll bestow
The gift God shows us how to give
O Lord, you suffered to erase
My sins, so let me live with grace.
It is an honor to forgive
For such a greater debt I owe!


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