The Smoking Flax

O Lord, please bring me back to where I ought to be
To where my soul’s greatest delight remain’d in thee
To where my heart did rest within thy peace and grace
And found there golden rays, the light of thy bright face
To know communion with thee and to walk each hour
With thee, sweet Lord, in faith and working of thy pow’r
Such trust and hope and confidence cannot be found
In men, or wealth, or self, or ought upon this ground
That only which can fill the soul is hid with thee
And from abiding life becomes a fruitful tree
Upon this barren desert send thy waters forth
Without thee I am fruitless and of little worth
Quench not the smoking flax, but quicken me
According to thy word, that all the world will see
And that to thee all praise and glory should be giv’n
And men should turn and seek thee in thy heav’n
Help me redeem the time, for evil are the days
That I should wisely spend it, walking in thy ways

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