To Think of Jesus

Nothing can fill my heart like Jesus
No other love can heal my soul
O, may I never depart from Jesus
May I give Him, my Lord, control!

Nothing can stir my strength like Jesus
There is in Him all pow’r I need
When I am hungered I come to Jesus
His food is life; on His life I feed

All I could want or ask He giveth
For in His hand all things remain
Come to His fountain for water that liveth
Come and thy loss will become thy gain

Though all the wares of the world compel me
Though the wars of the flesh should besiege
Though words of beauty its children should tell me
Nought offers more than Christ, my liege

No thought is better than of Jesus
No other thought of things or man
Ah, how I love to think of Jesus –
That He loves me as no one can!

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