Why I Will Never Send My Children to Public School

… Or for that matter, any school – be it public, private, charter, Christian, by God’s grace.

Yes, most people after only reading the title of this post will immediately think I’m either crazy or a horrible parent (future parent at this time of writing this to be exact, of course if the Lord wills).

The trouble is people come to this subject with so many preconceived notions. We have all been brainwashed to think that if you don’t send your child to school, then:

  1. Your child will become a socially inept “freak” who can’t hold a conversation or function in the “real world”
  2. Your child will not be able to get a quality education and will become an illiterate, ignorant brute
  3. And in the process you will go insane from having to deal with them all day long

But what about the other side of the story?

Please hear me out first before jumping to conclusions. I can 99.9% guarantee you that the reasons I think this are reasons you have not heard before, and that these 3 assumptions (and those like them) are nothing but cleverly designed lies.

“He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.” (Proverbs 18:13)

I’m not writing this post to condemn anyone who has children there or goes there themselves, but rather to warn of the danger, much of which I have seen with my own eyes. If I come across as unkind, or if I say something that is in contradiction to the Word of God, forgive this unworthy sister in Christ. I have strong words to say but my desire is not to do damage to anyone or anything good.

What is School?

Sounds like a pretty silly question, doesn’t it? But have you ever stopped to ask yourself what this thing is we call school? It s not education. It is an entity of the government operating like a business, without the checks of competition in a free market.

Basically, it is a church of humanism, where evolution is only the first lie being preached to children. The values taught by schools are totally opposite to those taught in the Word of God.

“. . . a viable alternative to [Christianity] must be sought. That alternative is humanism. I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as the proselytizers of a new faith: a religion of humanity that recognizes and respects the spark of what theologians call divinity in every human being. These teachers must embody the same selfless dedication as the most rabid fundamentalist preachers, for they will be ministers of another sort, utilizing a classroom instead of a pulpit to convey humanist values in whatever subject they teach, regardless of the educational level . . . . The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and the new . . .. the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of humanism . . . .” – Humanist Magazine (Jan/Feb, 1983, p. 26), John Dunphy (http://truthmagazine.com/archives/volume28/GOT028219.html)

This was written in the 80’s. But even as far back as the 1930 we have this:

“Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism, and every American school is a school of humanism. What can a theistic Sunday school’s meeting for an hour once a week and teaching only a fraction of the children do to stem the tide of the five-day program of humanistic teaching?” (Charles F. Potter, “Humanism: A New Religion,” 1930)

The goal of humanism is to create a functioning world without God. That is why they have banned the Bible from public school. What place or hope does a Christian have in an institution that bans the Bible? What hope does the world have without the Bible? Schools have shaken their fist at God and blatantly declare their hatred for Him.

Where is school, as we know it, in the Bible? Why don’t we find any examples of parents sending their children away for days on end to this place from the time they can barely speak, to be raised by this unfamiliar establishment? Somehow, for the last 6,000 years, we have managed without it. But now it is seen as a must, an obligation to willingly yield one’s children to this beast, as they that offered their children to the arms of the Moloch, doomed to be burned alive in the flames of his bosom.  What a comparison, you say! Surely schools aren’t as bad as that? Well, they are far worse, because they are dooming children to burn in the eternal flames of hell by their satanic influence and antichrist teachings… and parents are compulsively lead to deliver them up to it.

The School System is Designed to Destroy the Family

The family isn’t being destroyed on accident. Schools are is intended to do exactly that. There are principalities and powers at work, driven by the forces of Satan, which have engineered society with the dark intelligence of this world.

It might be hard to fathom, but life wasn’t always like this. It used to be that children had some study time during the day, but they spent much of their time outdoors helping with the livestock or household duties. They did real-life things out in God’s creation or at home with family. (They weren’t trapped in cells – ahem, classrooms I mean – and compulsively forced to sit for hours at a desk all the time, listening to some stranger talk about some abstract subject or condition them to think something, herded to different activities at the ring of a bell until the end of the day, then have school follow them home in the form of assignments…)

And when it was time to learn, they would sit at the feet of mama or papa in their homes, that sphere of love and protection where godliness blossoms, and listen to the reading of the Bible or other subject matter, learning from the ones who loved them – the ones who were placed in their lives for that very purpose.

When the first government schools were established in the United States, the children were rounded up and marched off while their distressed parents were forced to relinquish their children to Manhattan military officials! They had to bring in the army to separate the parents from their children because they were splitting families in a way that was not done before. Not off to such a great start for schools being family-friendly, are we?

“Our form of compulsory schooling is an invention of the State of Massachusetts around 1850. It was resisted — sometimes with guns — by an estimated eighty percent of the Massachusetts population, the last outpost in
Barnstable on Cape Cod not surrendering its children until the 1880s, when the area was seized by militia and children marched to school under guard.” (Gatto, John Taylor: Dumbing Us Down, p. 22)

A school teacher may have a favorite in their class but they will never love that child like you can. They will never have the patience or the passion or the tender care for that child that their mother and father will. Especially when they have 30 other children they have to babysit at the same time; they can never give each one the attention it needs to reach their full potential. Never. They’re doing well to keep everyone somewhat under control… their first and foremost priority is babysitting. Why do you think homeschooled children outperform the products of this insidious system (sadly I was one) hands-down across the board? Why do you think so much time is spent on educationally irrelevant subject matter at schools, such as movies, parties, show and tell, games, gym, sports, prom, field trips, and more? Because a modern school teacher has one primary mission: keep the children occupied so they won’t cause trouble. It is babysitting with a sprinkle of academics thrown in to save face.

Ever think about how age groups are kept in very distinct sects in these jails for children? Younger children must stay with younger children. Older children must stay with older children.

This is very strange, because an 8-year-old already knows how to act like an 8-year-old. But you place him with a group of 30 other 8-year-olds in order that he might expand his social life? Actually, this is why most of these children cannot relate to anyone outside of their age group. They were perpetually relegated in their own bubble to those most like them in mental and physical development. Perhaps this contributes to the prevalent tenancy to form clicks and exclude others who are dissimilar as they grow, forcing themselves into an even smaller bubble. They don’t relate to adults. They look down on younger children. This was not God’s idea. This was an idea of social engineers bent on doing everything contrary to nature and Scripture in an effort to turn anything resembling Christianity upside-down.

It is the opposite model of the family unit, where people of all ages – infants, young children, older children, parents, grandparents – though different, they all live together in a beautifully harmonizing way, helping one another and learning from the wisdom of the aged and stretch one another spiritually. But in our society the elderly, like the children, are locked away. We are displacing the past and the future and casting off the weakest members of society as “burdens” for someone else to shoulder.

So you as a Christian send your child to that God-hating environment for countless hours, then think somehow the 1.5 hour Sunday sermonette and whatever moments of spare time you can scrape together to spend with your child (not even usually teaching on spiritual things) is going to have them turn out good? I’ve seen firsthand the kind of results this produces in my generation: double-mindedness. Confusion. Half-baked, unconverted reprobates with no discernment or understanding of any of the deep things of God. Children who grow up to be nothing more than slightly more polished worldlings than their devilish peers and believe they are saved and they are good people because they go to worship practice and church social functions and are going to heaven when they die and prayed a prayer back then. They listen to the world’s music. They dress like the world. They go to the world’s places. They talk like the world. They think like the world. They are worldly! They are in rebellion! And many times they end up in sin. Are those the kinds of soldiers for Christ that we so desperately need to raise up against the armies of Satan, to fight the Lord’s battles in these dark days? Most of them have no idea what to even fight, or that we are even in one. To them, everything is their playground.

Objection: “But what about socialization? You don’t want your child to turn into some weirdo, oddball, isolated freak of society that can’t hold a conversation or get a job or function in daily life?”

People can mean different things by the word socialized. Some people are referring to good manners and basic conversation skills. In this it is undeniable that homeschoolers excel public schoolers when it comes to being able to hold a conversation and speak intelligently. I would argue they are generally more considerate of others, likely in part because of having to face the challenges of functioning in family life rather than escape them. Family life is more challenging, no doubt about it. You can put on a front for strangers and friends far more easily than you can in a family. It’s been said that if it doesn’t work in the home then it doesn’t work. The home is the proving ground for the tests of life. The family relationships of public school children so often are nothing but tatters. For being so well “socialized,” most can hardly utter more than a grunt to acknowledge each other’s presence, much less get along without fighting for more than a week (if that).

Someone once said that public school is not about socialization, it is about assimilation. You have a factory that is designed to churn out cookie-cutter clones in a specific model. That’s why it is so much harder to think outside the box at a public school because every day is a conditioning drill in group think. Children aren’t instructed in character building or how to develop their own unique personalities, they are learning how to survive by joining the crowd in whatever the crowd is doing. I know for a fact this is the case because I have experienced what peer pressure is like firsthand at public schools. It is unbearably oppressive. If you don’t conform you face being ostracized, ridiculed and demoted by peers and teachers alike. That is what a public school’s idea of socialization is: conform or suffer.

But let’s just say after all that, I’m wrong on all this and homeschoolers will turn out to have difficulties communicating with others, getting a job or making friends. They will be weird or strange (which to some extent is true; they will be different, they won’t be the same as all the other kids, if they are raised godly; not that they can’t function). You know what? If push comes to shove and I have to choose between having a child who struggles fitting in with the world and making friends but is on the narrow path or having a child who can be cool and popular or even just normal but is worldly, indoctrinated with wicked philosophy and ultimately placed on their way to hell, which one do you think I would want? I would rather sacrifice whatever “social skills” they might have acquired through the public school experience than go to my grave weeping because I forfeited my child’s soul in exchange for the culture’s badge of normalcy and approval. I would want to see my child in heaven! And God will hold me accountable if my child is destroyed when I had the choice to protect him rather than risk it. We Christians need to wake up and stop expecting the same things of the world and measuring ourselves by a different standard. We have a higher calling. We have a different end, and we ought not be afraid to be different. And we ought to want our children to be strong and different from the world.

The System is Dehumanizing

It isn’t natural to keep children shut up all day in prison-like conditions – walking the halls in single file like criminals, rarely seeing the light of day, forced to sit at a desk all day while being fed a steady diet of soda and junk food, spied on with “security” cameras around the clock, then pile them up with a ton of worthless, time-eating busywork called homework to keep them occupied with other things when they finally go back home to their “dorms,” effectively locking them away from their family for what little time they might spend with them. Not to mention the scary and sometimes downright abusive tactics used to enforce rules, such as the boy who recently (as of this writing) got tazed by school officials for getting upset over having his beef patty given to someone else. (Lest you think that is a one-time issue, there is lots more of that going on and way more and far worse horror stories like it.)

Benjamin Rush is considered to be the father of public education. I’m not saying all of his ideas were good, or that his idea of public education in general was a good idea, but his vision for public education seems to have been almost entirely abandoned, including his stress on the importance of family:

“I cannot help bearing a testimony, in this place, against the custom, which prevails in some parts of America, (but which is daily falling into disuse in Europe) of crouding boys together under one roof for the purpose of education. The practice is the gloomy remains of monkish ignorance, and is as unfavourable to the improvements of the mind in useful learning, as monasteries are to the spirit of religion. I grant this mode of secluding boys from the intercourse of private families, has a tendency to make them scholars, but our business is to make them men, citizens and christians. The vices of young people are generally learned from each other. The vices of adults seldom infect them. By separating them from each other, therefore, in their hours of relaxation from study, we secure their morals from a principal source of corruption, while we improve their manners, by subjecting them to those restraints, which the difference of age and sex, naturally produce in private families.” – Benjamin Rush, A plan for the establishment of public schools and the diffusion of knowledge in Pennsylvania https://quod.lib.umich.edu/e/evans/N15652.0001.001/1:3?rgn=div1;view=fulltext

Alone time at school is pretty much impossible nowadays, and students are crowded in at max capacity.

Even more interesting:

“…the only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be laid in RELIGION. Without this, there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty, and liberty is the object and life of all republican governments.” – Ibid.

Well, religion is still the foundation of education today, but it is humanism, atheism and witchcraft, not Christianity. Sadly his mistake was preserved rather than his good intentions.

On top of that, there are always “extracurricular activities” to ensure your child spends even more time with their peers rather than their family. (And of course, there’s always the television or video games to vacuum up any spare minutes and ensure as much alienation as possible.) Each day is like the last one in this time vacuum.

Why isn’t everyone appalled at sending a child away to such a prison? Even elementary schools are fenced and barred up like a cage for wild beasts. It is bizarre and downright creepy. I remember being in one of those prisons as a little 2nd grade girl at recess, grabbing the metal links with my fingers and shaking it, or trying to fit my shoes in the holes to see if there was a way to get over, hoping and longing that I could be free.

This environment fashions its victims from their early years. Personalities and characters do not develop normally as they do in a genuine, candid family environment. Children are by nature impressionable and absorbent like sponges. God made them in this special way so they could receive instruction from their parents. But at school there is nobody to invest their lives in them in such a personal, unmatched way. So children become what they are out of emulating those around them, piecing together whatever fragments of behaviors they see from peers and television. They integrate these behaviors into their artificial personas based on the approval they see others getting with them, whether it is receiving amused laughter from the class or the good graces of a teacher. Often times the children that become the most outgoing or aggressive are the ones who are most insecure due to lack of attention. What they all have in common is a superficial exterior shells designed to protect who they really are – or would be – inside. They aren’t real (they can’t be real), they are all putting on a front to ensure their survival in the dog-eat-dog world. (See Romans 12:2)

Another frequently observed side effect of this poisonous program – and perhaps also of the superficiality it produces – is the inability to form truly deep relationships with either family members, even others outside the family. Fragmentation and division plague the average American home, and I think schools are to blame in a large part for this. When members hardly spend more than a weekend camping trip together, what more can you expect? Children become strangers to their own parents! They “identify” better with their peers and would rather spend time with them in many cases. How contrary all this is to the ways of the Lord…

“And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” (Malachi 4:6)

The practice of “grading” children with letters, insinuating that A’s are for good children and F’s with failing children, is to me utterly contemptible. Interestingly enough the grading system is biased towards girls – a feminist agenda seeping through. Not to mention the whole career angle is being forced on girls as they must orient their high school classes around their desired occupation, another sly move of the feminazis.

Now they are even numbering children like you number inventory in a warehouse. Talk about dehumanizing! I had my number memorized in middle school. This is all moving towards the mark of the beast and the NUMBER of his name. They are conditioning people from a young age to accept being numbered as “normal.” Now some schools are starting to implement RFID tracking chips into the clothing of kindergarten children to monitor their geo-position. If I had to guess I’d say it would be safe to say that those chips are not going to stay on the surface of the skin. There is no other word to describe it better than… satanic. Why would you make your child property of the government?

Parents give up their rights when their child walks into the the school building… and it isn’t just me saying that.

Why would you willingly let your child be severed from you to go leave your side for day after day, year after year? It is not natural. It is not right. Every parent has the God-given instinct placed in them to protect their child, to nurture and care for it from the womb. To go against this is contrary to nature itself. It is a sign of the perilous times we live in.

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good…” (2 Timothy 3:1-3)

I want to add that not all parents do so because they don’t love their child, but they are being conditioned to give them up from the lie that it is “for their own good.” As a result of this, children do not bond like they should to their parents. They can’t. They are away from them far more time than they are around them, just do the math. And when they are around them a lot of times it is like they don’t even know the other person is in the room, they are distracted with video games or TV or going out with friends or what have you.

“There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother.” (Proverbs 30:11)

Speaking of disobedient to parents, we hear a lot of parents today complaining about the lack of respect and defiance they get from their children, which is without question widespread. While I believe there is more than one reason for this, and by no means condone this kind of rebellion, here is something to think about. Parents voluntarily send their children away from them. They tell them to be good at school, to obey strangers who will be taking their place to train them and care of them because mommy and daddy have better things to do. They drop them off and drive away, day after day, year after year, their entire childhood and beyond. Someone else can deal with that child. Someone else can do their job. So they do two things simultaneously: they step down from their rightful, God-ordained position of authority and then pass it off to someone else saying to respect them. This can do nothing but degrade a child’s level of respect for their parents, even though they might not fully grasp the situation. Every child is rejected to some degree in this scenario. There will be confusion and trouble because parents are rejecting the opportunity to personally rear their child. Let me tell you, schools do a horrible job of teaching anything, especially matters of character, godliness and virtue, where the child spends the majority of his life.

“The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.” (Proverbs 29:15)

Why are so many children upset or crying the first day of school as their mothers shove them off? Sure, not all of them do, but there is often trauma happening even without seeing it. Some kids try to be brave and don’t always show their emotions. Others are overwhelmed with all of the distraction. Many times it comes out with other behaviors, even the child doesn’t understand. Why are some acting out in class in ways they never do at home? Why are some having unexplained outbursts of anger or tantrums? You say, but my little child isn’t like those children, it enjoys school and playing with friends every day. Let me ask you this, assuming this is the case and there is no sadness at being parted from family each day, just because your child wants something and it makes them really happy, does that mean you always give it to them? No, because their affection for something does not automatically mean it is good for them. On a personal level, I was one of those children. I was off like a bolt to play with the others, no tears or tantrums, my mom will tell you, unlike my sister who cried and cried. And I did have excitement at all the new kids to meet and play with, don’t get me wrong. But I can remember this to this day after all these years, and that was another feeling I couldn’t explain at the time. It was that sense of abandonment, confusion and anger. I was so angry growing up. It was something I couldn’t verbalize for years, but lived with because I had to cope. I didn’t understand why at the time, but I really believe a lot of that anger I lived with came down to being separated from my family and not being able to do anything about it. Maybe this hits a chord with you, I don’t know, but thought I’d throw that in there for what it’s worth.

I’m not saying children should not be allowed to play with others. In and of itself socializing is not evil. In fact I think it can be very good and beneficial, when done right. But letting your child get their socialization from lost children from lost families is not good, because for one thing even at very young ages they will pick up their behaviors that their parents allow but you don’t. I knew a little girl from my pre-school who would use profanity, and her parents didn’t care. In first grade another girl taught me hand gesture obscenities. So then you have to tell your child not to do that, but then there is the contradiction, why can so-and-so do it but not me? This is where the double-mindedness happens, and as peer pressure will only get worse, you will be fighting an uphill battle to think you can teach your child right from wrong while exposing them to a daily onslaught of lewdness. Often you end up becoming their enemy as they side with the world after being marinated in it for so long. Remember children being like sponges; who you expose them to is what they will become. When those same heathen children get bigger so does their appetite for wickedness, and then bingo, you have bad influences turning your child into a rebel. Firsthand experience with this. That’s why we are told,

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” (2 Corinthians 6:14-17)

Some parents think they can remedy the situation by making sure their child spends time with their “Christian friends” at a wonderful, hunky-dory “youth group” with “worship” and “bible studies” in order to “balance things out.” Let’s assume that’s a great spiritual environment to be in in the first place (which it isn’t). Look, any amount of evil influences in your child’s life will have a corrupting effect – and school is nothing but evil influences. It’s like cancer. So you’re not going to stop it by trying to have them spend time with “good influences” too, throwing good after bad. Again, only more double-mindedness and confusion being put in the heart of the child. What’s okay with this group of friends is different than this other group. Situation ethics and relativity. Putting up phony personalities at the flip of a switch to please both sides.

And guess what? I’d venture to say most of these so-called good Christian children are corrupted too! I know because I had many of these kind of friends in high school! They aren’t the sweet little angels everyone thinks they are because most of these “youth group kids” who invited me to their churches and went on retreats etc. are just byproducts of the school system reared on the side by the ecumenical church. They can be just as perverted and sinful as public school kids, and it saddens me to say most of them probably aren’t even saved. It’s like fighting fire with fire.

Yes, all children are different. Some get so excited with the stimulation of being around others that it distracts them from what is happening in the bigger picture. But first and foremost, whether or not your child seems distressed at you leaving them all day repeatedly is beside the point. You are shirking responsibility as a parent and going against God’s order. Secondly, neither you nor even the child can always perceive the invisible damage that is being done on so many levels. It may take years to surface – and when it does, so many problems arise. It’s not that much of a stretch once you think about it.

As stated earlier, I was one of the kids “off-and-running” on my first day of school, believe it or not. I accepted it as normal. But oh, what great blows it dealt to my relationship with my parents not many years after.

“If we use schooling to break children away from parents — and make no mistake, that has been the central function of schools since John Cotton announced it as the purpose of the Bay Colony schools in 1650 and Horace Mann announced it as the purpose of Massachusetts schools in 1850 — we’re going to continue to have the horror show we have right now.” – Ibid, P. 33

But if you do things God’s way, he ensures the social needs of children are met in a way that is not only safe but edifying. Take this example: in a large family (as is God’s design for the home), it is far more difficult to feel lonely than in a 1.5 child family. When you give your child siblings to be with every day that you can nurture all together in a unified manner, that is a great blessing. And believing children being around other believing children from godly homes is the best way to go if you are looking for friendships. As the Church, we are to fellowship with one another as a body. That is where the most growth and spiritual fruit is found. If you are with the right people, you don’t have to worry nearly as much about your children learning about inappropriate things at a young age from someone else. They can form strong, lasting bonds with their friends on a much deeper level. It is a very beautiful thing, and it is beautiful because it is within God’s will. God’s way is always best.

You may say, I don’t have that opportunity. My first suggestion would be, do all you can to find one. With the internet and social media, finding people of like mind is much easier than ever before. Your family should be near to the families of other disciples of Christ for your sake too.

But if for some reason, and really it would be extremely rare that you couldn’t be with other believers, but if you were stranded with no communication or community, what should you do? You may have to sacrifice the immediate social desires of your child for their own long-term good. It’s better to be without friends than to have friends who will lead them away from the path of life, that’s for sure. Whatever benefits of social pleasure they might derive would be nothing in comparison to the devastation that comes from fellowshipping with the unsaved at any age, period.

What I Learned from my Life of School

Like most people in the US, I spent most of my life in school. At any kind of school, you learn that you are a number, and everything is a little easier when that number is memorized. You learn whatever you might think or want to think, they don’t love you. Nobody can love a number. You learn to fit in to please your peers, to be like everyone else. You learn to conform or you face torment, ridicule and insecurity. You learn not to trust anyone. You learn to be calloused, indifferent; after all, you were abandoned to this place. You learn that you don’t matter. Your value only comes from being able to entertain others, making it easier for them to endure. You learn to memorize “facts” long enough to pass the test. You learn that passing enough tests can pay for you to continue being locked in this maze for years to come. You learn good looks will get you further. You learn every swear word in the book, every sexual innuendo. You learn how to break through your ridiculous moral inhibitions. You learn perversion is cutting-edge. You learn to chase pleasure, to do what makes you feel good, to get a small moment of escape from the relentless program of each day. You learn women must have jobs to be fulfilled; that the wife and homemaker is enslaved and to be pitied, that your grandmother and great-grandmother were silly, deluded and disadvantaged. You learn the reason for everything is money. If you can make it through each agonizing day, get the grades, get a job, get a paycheck, it will all be worth it.

In public school specifically, you learn that the Bible is not literal, that science disproved that long ago. You learn that your ancestors were apes billions of years ago, and people are animals. Global warming will destroy everyone unless we save the planet. You learn that your parents are fools who don’t understand anything; to keep secrets from them. Your schoolmates are your family. You learn how to have protected sex and where to get baby-killing drugs if something goes unexpectedly. You learn that it’s fine to be a sodomite. You learn how pointless everything is, that nothing matters other than now. Friends will always be temporary. After you are separated from them when your grade shifts up or they turn on you. There can be no lasting deep relationships. You and countless others like you are all abandoned to a place where nobody loves you. You must try to figure out how to take the pain away. And oh, how many things there are to try.

My best friend’s sister, after attending one year of high school after being previously homeschooled, said “I feel like I’ve been BRAINWASHED.”

But on the bright side, there are always the school dances to look forward too, where a bunch of filthy, mind-altering music is pumped over the speakers and the orgies that go on are too disgusting to write. I knew a girl whose mom pulled her out of public school (only to transfer her to a more so-called “conservative” school, sadly) who, having witnessed the sensual revelings of prom night, cried all the drive home because of what she saw going on there. But really, what did you expect, parents? painting and dressing your girls up like a bunch of harlots, and sending them to mingle with a bunch of boys all night long unprotected surrounded by wickedness, in the name of a good time? It’s just plain foolishness! I know, I was one of those girls. My heart breaks thinking back on it. It’s not of God.

Objection: “You just went to a bad school. Not all schools are that bad. We just need to make sure we send our kids to conservative schools and everything will be fine.”

If you read my testimony, you will know that I went to a very bad (albeit “standard”) public school. But I also went to a very “conservative” school where the students were home 6 days out of 7, self-described homeschoolers. And you know what… these kids listened to the same music by wicked, satanic artists, talked the same, dressed the same, and the only difference was that they went to “Youth Groups” on Wednesday nights. Listen, I personally knew kids that went to CHRISTIAN, CONSERVATIVE, PRIVATE schools – schools with very very high reputations. And you know what? They were just as potty-mouthed, filthy-minded, worldly and sinful as the kids from the public schools! The difference was that they judt hid it more around the adults. At the bad public schools, the students didn’t really care how lewd they behaved in front of teachers because the teachers mostly didn’t care. I had only one teacher ever complain about the filthy language of the middle-schoolers. I’m blowing the whistle because I know firsthand the total cesspools these schools are.

There are schools now in tiny, southern Podunk towns with teachers giving sexually explicit analogies in math class as part of the curriculum! It is everywhere across the country.

And conservative is such a vague term. I guarantee nobody can agree on what a conservative school is. Why? Because there’s always a worse one to be had! And I also guarantee that what parents can see of a school is extremely limited. Even the teachers don’t know everything that goes on. So however “conservative” you think that school is, chances are it’s really a lot worse. You think, my child will tell me if it’s too bad. They would warn me. Would you seriously go through all that process of getting them into the schools, subject them to all that garbage, and then expect THEM to tell you to put on the brakes? Chances are by then they will already meet friends who they won’t want to leave, even if they are a bunch of rotten brats. You think, my child will be wise enough to steer clear of bad connections. Oh, you don’t know how powerful the pressure is at those places, how godless of an environment it is. I’ll tell you firsthand that it’s not easy making friends at school and beggars can’t be choosers. Only the pretty, popular kids really get to call the shots. Very spiritually destructive even to adults, not to mention children who are still developing. Please don’t do such a foolish thing. Don’t put them there to begin with. I BEG YOU, don’t do it. Your child will not leave that place unscarred and to some extent dehumanized. It’s the nature of the system.

You just can’t go to one of these places for any length of time and come out untouched. Most parents are primarily concerned about their children being able to make it through without fornicating or ending up hooked on drugs, but the sad truth is even if they do, their minds are exposed to such obscenity and abominable discussions that they are no longer what I would call mentally virgins. I remember talking to a girl in an art class about how I’d resolved to refrain from fornication and this 14 year old girl looked me right in the eye and told me with a smirk, “You’ll change your mind when you get to high school.” My other friend (a self-described Christian) admitted she probably wouldn’t make it through a virgin either. There is also so much graphic sexual perversion and downright wicked lewdness that young kids learn now at very young ages, it’s shocking. It is like verbal pornography, the totally sick-minded and explicit discussions that go on (never mind the countless kids who are actually watch the stuff on their phones, which is about 1 in 3 boys according to statistics, 1 in 5 watching hard core, x-rated filth, last I heard). Children who don’t like it or dare to speak out are ridiculed. Why would you want your children listening to others talk about it, even if they don’t partake in the conversations? Do you really think they will repeat it all to you, this vile trash they hear day after day, and you as a parent will always know exactly what enters their formative mind? Most kids are too embarrassed or afraid even if they have a somewhat positive relationship with their parents. Trust me, you’re not going to know.

Children are Fragile

I think sometimes we tend to overestimate the ability of children to overcome the powers we put them up against. Children aren’t born with discernment. They aren’t like you. You are an adult. You know how to reason, you’ve had time to mature in the Lord and develop deep convictions. You know right from wrong. You can see trouble coming a mile off and know when to run, when to say no, when to seek help. Children are vulnerable, fragile, soft and impressionable. They have to be taught discernment, they have to be taught right from wrong. (And it’s not something schools are particularly good at teaching, when hardly any even believe in absolute right and wrong, especially founded on the Word of God.) They are like a blank canvas. By sending them to school, you are letting them get graffiti’d on by heathen teachers who deny God and think they are animals, then trying to add a few strokes of paint here and there to turn them into the landscape you envision. Probably a poor similitude, and a more fitting one would be to allow them to be forced by antichrist ideologies and satanic influences until all they have left to hold onto from you is a battered shell of the faith of their parents. I recognize that this doesn’t happen always 100% of the time, but I’ve seen enough to know the risks are much higher than are estimated. I’ve seen parents broken over their children they just knew were going to turn out so well who are now fallen into terrible sin, parents with high expectations and conservative backgrounds totally shamed and good name disgraced forever because of the actions of their now unruly children who were once so docile and seemed so sweet and innocent. Sometimes these children seemed to have held up all the way through middle school, and then high school or college hit and the wheels just came off, despite the parents doing everything they could on the side to try to keep them on the right path along the way.  Because it wasn’t enough. I think once the change of life hits and children transition into young adults they become the most fragile. They have crazy hormones, emotions they don’t understand and have to cope with uncomfortable changes, while all around them the world is saying “Follow your heart! Go for it! Don’t listen to your parents or pastors, don’t listen to the Word of God, don’t listen to those silly religious beliefs, act on your feelings!” And then their teachers are having them read lascivious books and watch lascivious movies, and their friends are trying to pull them into doing evil things, and then top it off with a bunch of heart problems like anger, rebellious thoughts, frustration and lustful thoughts and you’ve got a deadly concoction brewed from hell your child is gulping down sip by sip until it comes out as sin. Sometimes it’s just passive sin, if I can call it that. Sometimes it’s not breaking one of the ten commandments, but defying the clear teachings of the Bible in some other way, or just general worldliness and total lack of discernment. It might be a choice of music or movies. It might be in dress or in attitude. It might be effeminacy in boys and masculinity in girls. Many times we can’t see it well because we’re too close to it and it’s what everyone else is doing. Holiness and worldliness cannot mix.

And I recognize that even among God’s people children can go after the devil, don’t get me wrong, but they have to go against an environment that teaches the opposite, and that constraint is so vital and helps guide the maturing soul. It’s like a garden. Christ gave the analogy of the different types of grounds on which the seed fell. Which one could bear the most fruit? Was it the rocks or the wayside? No, it was the one with good ground. It is a simple science lesson even a very young person can grasp. But the same is true of our faith in its outworkings. The Christ-centered home is that good ground, it is a sacred training ground to rear up the next generation of soldiers to do battle against the devil’s kingdom, nourished up in the rich soils of a godly environment, example and instruction.

“Health” Classes from Hell

Starting in 5th grade, schools are teaching students sex ed (fornication education) and showing movies about it. But they don’t always call it that, they will call it the more subtle title of “health class.” Sure, they’ll teach you about risks of street drugs (of course, never toxic pharmaceuticals) and alcohol (but nightclubs are fine?) mixed in with maybe some so-called nutrition or first-aid tips; these topics are usually at the beginning because they don’t want to raise any red flags for parents and get children to feel comfortable. But it always comes down to destroying purity. You have a class of mixed company and then you’re going to have teachers telling them the facts of life? Teaching them how to do things they shouldn’t be doing in ways that supposedly protect them from life-threatening viruses? Teaching them way, way more than they need to know for their age and stirring up their curiosity? And all brought to you by… Planned Parenthood? (Yes, Planned Parenthood is behind the sex ed curriculum. Big surprise?)

I thought I knew it all by the time I reached middle school – looking back, truthfully I knew far more than I needed at my age. But then I learned things that I REALLY didn’t need to know – stuff that is too abominable to talk about. Stuff adults should never, ever hear. You know what this does to young minds? It leads to experimentation. And all the while they totally sever any kind of right-and-wrong concepts from their teachings, they don’t even warn kids in the least about how they will destroy their lives with fornication; they do the opposite – they equip them with the knowledge to do it and send them on their way! It’s just plain evil. They are corrupting America.

I firmly believe this is totally out of line subject matter for a school to teach. Some say schools need to do it because some parents won’t teach their children. Well, judging from the nearly 60% of unwed mothers coming out of these classes I think it’s safe to say we’d be better off if these teenagers faired on the side of ignorance. Some things don’t need to be taught; God put them in men and women for the right time and they’ll figure it out when they need to. The other things surely don’t need to be illustrated in high definition. And if anyone is to teach things related to this subject to a girl, it shouldn’t be some strange man you never even met! That is sick. If you think it’s okay because they’re a “professional” and have the “training” and nothing bad can happen… think again. Teachers are caught exploiting students every day, even female teachers. My 7th grade health teacher (a woman) was fired when they discovered certain objects in her desk. Mothers should be the ones bringing their daughters through their development and it doesn’t need to be played up into this big deal. If they don’t, fathers could step in, which is not as ideal but far better than some stranger. Girls don’t need to know every detail about their bodies at such a tender age, much less all of the facts of life. In fact they are developing frighteningly sooner than normal, perhaps by having all of this stuff forced on them before the time. It gets them WANTING to grow up too early, which destroys a part their beautiful childhood innocence. So much insecurity and defilement results from this stuff, I can testify. It is not a school’s job to be training your child in the first place. God gave them to you. And it is really not their job to be using this material as part of a school curriculum. It is total violation of all decency. It is from the pit of hell.

If some parents won’t teach their children about physical development, that doesn’t mean schools should step in. Most children are naturally inquisitive and they will ask what is going on. If mama or papa chooses to dodge the questions for whatever reason, ultimately that’s their decision as a parent. The child won’t die because he didn’t have the biological facts about his body as he grows. Whether or not it is the best decision to withhold that info frankly is none of the government’s business. Far more harm is done when they step in and start throwing around sensitive topics willy-nilly.

The School System is not Conducive to True Education

Did you know that it only takes 100 hours of personal instruction on average to transmit the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic? So why do we need children to be gone 5 days a week, 6-10 hours a day, more than 3/4 of the year – which amounts to FAR MORE than that – to get a first grade education at a strange place? Well, a big part of that is because the system is not personalized. Children who process information differently are often labeled as mentally deficient simply because the teacher can’t devote the time to personally instruct 30 or more students at any given time. Children have a variety of unrelated, abstract information crammed down their throats each day, most of which they have no interest in and frankly will never have any use for.

Education is not Wisdom: Your Child’s IQ or their Soul?

It has been said that to educate a man beyond his character is to produce an educated fool. Mankind loves to extol the “virtue of being smart.” We need to reject this as the unscriptural, worldly philosophy it is. I’ve said before, we don’t need more smart children. We don’t need more intellectual children. We need godly children. We need wise children who understand right from wrong, who fear the Lord, who know their Bibles more than their textbooks, not foolish ones.

“A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.” (Proverbs 10:1)

A fool is not one who is uneducated in the arts and sciences. A fool isn’t the grown man who hasn’t gotten more than a 5th grade education. A fool is one who denies God.

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” (Psalm 14:1)

How many of your child’s teachers deny that there is God, who are appointed to mentor them after their own godless ideas! So what if your child can comprehend the Pythagorean theorem and memorize all manner of facts and big words and formulas? So what even if they can get a job that pays them well enough to own three cars and a big fancy house, if at the end of their life they descend into the fiery heart of the earth to burn forever? That is what is happening because of educating children only. To teach them physics or algebra or astronomy or Shakespeare but refuse to teach them the truths of God is to deny them from the only thing that truly matters, the only thing that can save their souls when it’s all said and done. Often times it’s what you DON’T say that makes all the difference. They would never tell anyone they are a lost sinner going to hell unless they repent and believe on the Lord Jesus, but that is what the majority of those children need to hear. And not only do they refuse to teach truth, they teach blatant lies that cause children to reject the Bible and challenge the notion that there is a creator in their error. (They say they won’t allow the teaching of religion, but they teach the religion of evolution. They say they won’t teach morality, but they teach children to embrace sodomy and be tolerant of evil.)

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Matthew 16:26)

Even if your child never learns to write its own name but you give them the gospel and they be converted, you have done them exceedingly above all than the parent who spends their life’s savings on their child’s education only to produce another reprobate. No amount of education can deliver the wicked from their damnation. The world’s education only secures that for its countless victims. Oh, there may be some temporal pleasure it can give, some honor and glory in the now. But none of that will be able to help in the day of judgment.

The sad thing is most people assume their child was saved when they sent them to school. Some even think that they will become a little missionary and convert all the other children and be a martyr for the gospel, because they are so spiritually strong that nothing will affect them. How desperately deceived that is. Your child will be another victim of the system, it’s only a matter of time. They and the other 90% of high school graduates that walk away from all forms of church. You can’t be soaked in the gall and come out sweet. Maybe you think you can train your child on the side. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t combat the tidal wave of wickedness crashing down on your child every day remotely or in your “free time” and expect it to produce anything less than half-baked results. You can’t go against God’s Word and expect things to turn out all sunshine and roses. The world will win every time when you follow the world’s rules because the game is rigged. Your child will not be spiritually strong and ready to serve Jesus. They will be doing well just to come out with their basic faith intact, if they ever had any to begin with.

Why take that risk? Why put your precious son or daughter in such a vulnerable, dangerous position? I have talked to so many parents that feel so pressured to believe there is just no other option for whatever reason. They cave in because their child wants to go, or their own parents are pressuring them to send them off, or both spouses are gone at their jobs all day. The first two are matters of will and conviction. We can thank feminism for the last one. If mom was home the kids wouldn’t have to be babysat, see? Feminism, one of the most insidious movements to ever rear its ugly head in the last 200 years, has been working hard for a long time to give the government control of children by driving out women into the workforce. That, sometimes combined with the covetous thrust of rabid consumerism that powers our economy. Two incomes make everything more comfortable, do they not? And we are not content to live with little if need so require for the sake of our families because we do not trust in God’s provision.

It’s About Indoctrination, not Education!

Schools do not aim to teach children to learn. They teach them to regurgitate answers. Even something as seemingly straightforward as math has been so dumbed down by the new curriculums that they confuse children on purpose to drive them to use calculators, teaching them to perform a function rather than grasp a concept.

Take history. History without a Biblical perspective is confusion. They will leave out critical things and inject bias into just about everything. They will lie, distort and come at it with the perspective of a heathen.

And if that’s not bad enough, it gets worse… science is rank with erroneous teachings enough to make your head spin. What science class will even teach the Biblical view of cosmology? And when it comes to creation, forget about it.

Literature goes from being foolishness, entertainment-focused reading in elementary school to blasphemous filth in middle school and beyond. They cram children’s brains with idiocy, garbage and evil to warp them and keep them back from learning anything. They can’t even pick up a King James Bible and read it – the primary purpose of teaching English to a child! Literature couldn’t be a bigger failure. Not to mention, they teach look-say reading (i.e. Dr. Seuss) which has been found to be the cause of dyslexia because reading programs have departed from phonics methods of teaching to read. So they’re giving kids reading disabilities so they end up not being able to read anything.

It only goes downhill further when it comes to philosophy and psychology. These are about as backwards as it gets.

Learning is out of the picture at these places. It’s about mass control of groups of people, crippling them for life by making them unable to think for themselves, leaving them without true knowledge, brainwashing them into antichrist ways of thinking and corrupting their values through “change agent” teachers in a dehumanizing system.

Did We Mention Vaccination?

Oh yes… it doesn’t just stop at poisoning the minds of children, they must poison their bodies as well by requiring them to be injected with disgusting toxic filth made of diseases festered in monkey brains and aborted babies’ DNA that can lead to terrible, irreversible physical and even mental damage! Requiring vaccinations is HUGE with schools, and more and more are being required. Besides the dangers to your own health, the moral objection alone is enough to reconsider attending a place that requires injecting one’s body with the tissue of murdered babies.

The Repercussions

Why do people send their children, their precious heritage, to such a devilish place when God has clearly given parents the responsibility of caring for and instructing their own children? I think ignorance is probably the biggest reason, ignorance both of the Bible and the truth of the school system. But the worst case is when it’s because the parents think they are too busy. The paycheck is more important (1 Tim 6:10). Mom doesn’t have time to be mom because she wants to climb the corporate ladder with the feminists. Her children are inconvenient. She has better things to do. Someone else can substitute her place, who is a paid, “qualified professional,” but can never love them like she can. First the daycare, then the preschool, then the elementary, middle, high school and college. After that, they spend the remainder of their lives at their jobs. Their whole lives are spent severed from each other because they were given up to be reared by the government.

Well, we see this come full circle. Now mom and dad are elderly and sick and it is the children who have lives of their own. When they are too busy to worry about their inconvenient parents, what do they do? They drop them off at an OLD FOLKS’ HOME, for someone else to substitute their place, a “qualified professional” paid to do the tasks completely empty of the love they would have gotten from their own. But there is little guilt, if any, since they too were abandoned in their early years when they needed mom the most. And now mom and dad’s medical bills are more expensive than notebooks and colored pencils. These same children are the ones to give the nod to the nurse who will overdose them to death on morphine or stick a needle in the arm of mom and dad and watch them die like dogs. And society is indifferent to it all from start to finish.

It is sickening! It is frightening. We have a generation that is without natural affection and it is a sign of the last days. But the root problem isn’t the schools. It is the fact that we are not looking to the Bible for guidance. People just do what is right in their own eyes, what seems best at the time, what they want to do, relying on their own reasoning. This is serious! Our nation is self-destructing before our very eyes. Suicide is becoming so common it doesn’t phase anyone. More and more children go crazy and commit mass shootings and other horrible crimes. You don’t see this happening with home-schooled children, now do you? When was the last time we heard about something like that?

I truly fear for our country and our families as more generations become victims of the school system. It is producing a generation like the one spoken of in Proverbs 30:

“There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother. There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness.

We aren’t going to fix anything by fixing the schools. They are unfixable. They are against God in every aspect. No amount of money, social awareness, staff reform, or anything else can help such an institution become more holy. Because they aren’t failing in the minds of those who operate them. The system is a machine that does precisely what it is intended to do, but our children are suffering as a consequence. Our only hope is to abandon it altogether in favor of the only trustworthy alternative: the Lord’s.

Who’s to Blame?

I’m always baffled when I hear parents complaining about their children’s schools… the teachers don’t discipline how they want them to, other children are getting away with doing wrong to their child, curriculum is illogical or offensive, the homework load is unreasonable, etc. My first thoughts are:

a) Of course they are doing a bad job. But to the school’s credit

b) It isn’t even their job to begin with, so what right do you have to be upset at the job they are doing?

If anyone is doing a “bad job,” it is the parents who are giving up their job of raising and caring for their own children! Parents place expectations on schools that God never does. Then they are surprised when things are going haywire or blow up in their faces when their children turn out complete atheistic rebels. It should not be surprising to us in the least when the frustrating or downright evil things that happen in schools take place. Not a bit. They are not founded on God’s Word, much less walking according to it. It is a thoroughly unbiblical institution. The sad thing is many times by the time parents realize this, it is too late and the damage has already been done. I sincerely pray this doesn’t happen to your family. Always seek the Lord’s will first in any decision so you don’t have to go down the wrong path, and don’t go by your emotions or how you feel God wants you to go based on some external signs. Turn to the Word. God didn’t give your children to teachers and school faculty, He gave them to you. They are your responsibility.

Objection: “Parents just need to get more involved. They need to stand up against false and bad things and try to make a difference so they can influence the education of their children.”

Listen, I hate to break it to you, but you are never going to change the system. It is an unclean thing and it can’t be reformed. You may think you have a say, but you don’t. The ones who call the shots are not the parents. The most parents can be is a fly buzzing around a beast – perhaps a bit annoying but ultimately powerless. You can squawk and come to board meetings and put posters up in the hall, whatever. Don’t waste your time. Even if you manage to get a small victory in one area by some small chance, the rest is still a mess and whatever you do can be undone by someone with authority at the drop of a hat. Those deep in the school systems understand that parents are not in control; they are and will remain as they are because they have the power and you don’t. Rather, please get involved in getting your children out of the schools as fast as you possibly can, pulling them out of the fire. You can’t reform Molech’s alter.

Not to mention, I believe the very concept of public or private schools is unbiblical and needs to be rejected by Christian people, regardless of how good the curriculum or the quality of the teachers, etc.

What if You Have to Send Your Child to School?

Why wouldn’t someone be able to homeschool?

If homeschooling isn’t allowed by the government in your area, move somewhere else if you have the smallest possible way of doing so. Don’t let them take your children at all costs. Nothing else in life should take priority over their souls; not a nice house or convenience or anything. And it’s really their souls that are at stake here. Do all you may, when school gets access to your children 80% or more of the time while you don’t, the odds are not in your favour. Please don’t risk it. Don’t take such a gamble on your child’s eternal fate. It is hard enough to raise a child to be a true God-fearing Christian under the best circumstances, because of the sin nature and the devil’s many other attacks. Yes, I know that there have been some godly families who have sent their children to public schools and they did not turn out reprobates, but in many of these same cases they almost did and much sorrow ensued. And as for the other families (and I would say they are the majority), they lose their children to teachers and peers and evil influences who turn them out of the way.

If you are a single mom who does not have time for the children because of work, I pray you would seek God’s counsel on this matter. This is a very, very common reason I hear for people justifying sending their children to public schools. I believe that single moms should not work to be the provider because the father is gone for whatever reason. I believe God made provision for widows by other means if we would follow His order on this. But this is a post for another topic.

I do not object to hiring a private teacher to teach your children in your own home, if you thoroughly make sure that individual is godly and qualified. Tutors are mentioned in the Bible, probably historically only the wealthy could afford them. But if you can, great. Otherwise you will have to DIY it, and it’s easier than ever before with access to internet and tools on homeschooling.

One other point I want to mention is if you are someone who dresses your child modestly (especially as a daughter), they will be standing out like a sore thumb before they ever walk through the door. If they don’t dress like the world they WILL be picked on and harassed or worse. Why would you do that when you know they will only be ridiculed, left out, mocked and bullied? You know that would make them miserable. But even aside from dress issue, it’s so contrary for a Christian to be there, period. It’s like a Christian showing up at a nightclub. All the public school kids will be into wickedness, you know it! They will be listening to raunchy music, doing drugs on the side, watching porn, sharing course jokes, sporting worldly fashion, committing fornication, watching evil movies, acting in rebellion, I mean, the list goes on and on – it is straight up world in all its worldliness. A sound in faith Christian child will be friendless, outcast and a total misfit, and they will be hated and will hate being there if they don’t get killed first. And it’s because they, if they truly are following God, will make the others feel uncomfortable, especially if they rise up and speak out boldly against all the wickedness. Children, even the godliest, can only last for so long in that environment before they give up or backslide. (Again, back to the nightclub analogy.) Do we send the smallest, weakest lambs to fight in front against the pack of wolves? Children are to be protected from the world that would devour their souls. Children are our heritage and what we will leave. They are too precious to be subjected to the experiments of an antichrist institution. Why play the numbers? why take a chance on their souls, their future, your legacy, your flesh and blood, the purpose of your marriage, the treasure God has given you to nurture and train up in His ways? why forfeit that precious opportunity that you only get once and then it’s gone forever – that chance to raise up a godly seed? Please stand strong, don’t succumb to the world’s arguments, reasonings, allurings, lies or temptations, for their sake and the sake of the next generation.


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    Hi Meredith. Great post. I’m going through your posts and reading them. I’m amazed you’re so young. God Is raising up a. Young generation of people who will not bow their knee to Baal!

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